AberDewi celebrations – February 28th

We are organising a festival to celebrate St David’s day, of living in Wales, the Welsh language, and to enjoy the bilingualism, and multi culturalism of what is modern day Wales. This will take placeon Saturday February 28th 2015, in Swansea city centre. This will be aimed at children and thefamily. The event will continue later in the evening watching Wales live in the big screen. It will be
colourful, fun, noisy, and participative.  This will be advertised shortly in the Evening Post(with which we are working), and S4C, who will be filming the event on the day.
What can you do? Come and enjoy, and take part in the day!
You can participate as an individual, or a group. Whatever, it will be an interactive event and wehope that you will want to be part of this, taking part of what is a ‘SPECIAL DAY FOR US ALL
You can email us on elgan@menterabertawe.org, or phone 01792 460906 and ask for Elgan at Menter Iaith for more details.
Exact timings will follow but the day will consist briefly of:
12.30pm: Castle Square at the Castle grounds. Music, song,dancing and face painting, balloonsalong with various stalls, including food.
1.00pm: The parade will start around Swansea city centre, with music, parade bands, singing and banners.  This will be an exciting carnival atmosphere.
2.00pm: The primary school children can go to the Waterfront Museum where various activities are arranged for them, and the music starts.
2.oopm: Live music continues on stage, and choirs around the square.
4.50pm: National Anthem.
5.00pm: Wales V France live on the big screen – lots of singing.
After Wales win the match against France come and join us at the ‘No Sign Wine Bar’ for an evening of music in the company of Catrin Herbert, Lowri Evans and others.


This information is also available in: Welsh