Iaith Gwaith

Promoting Welsh Language Services

If a business, organization or company offers Welsh language services, it is worth investing time in promoting these services, so that customers know that they are available.

How to promote a Welsh Language Service

It is best practice to promote a Welsh language service in the same way as or in conjunction with any other service, so that customers know from the beginning that a Welsh language service is available.

Using Welsh doesn’t have to be expensive. The key is to plan carefully and to include bilingualism from the beginning.

‘Cymraeg’ badge Promoting services using the ‘Cymraeg’ badges

‘Cymraeg’ badges are a simple and free way to promote a Welsh language service.

These will show the public that a service is available in Welsh.

If a business, organization or company has Welsh speaking staff, ‘Cymraeg’ badges are available for use – there are many advantages to using them.

Advantages of using ‘Cymraeg’ badges

  • Assists customers to easily identify Welsh speaking staff
  • Offers customers a service in their preferred language
  • Indicates that the business is aware of the need to employ bilingual staff, and the advantages of doing so, and how they can contribute to the business
  • A workforce confident in using their Welsh language skills

The ‘Cymraeg’ badges, along with other materials to promote Welsh language services are available free of charge from the Welsh Language Commissioner’s website.